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Practical Structural Design Application Course

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A) RCC Manual XL sheet Design g+9 building:-

Practical Concepts of structural design theory included.

  1. Loading calculations
  2. Slab designs(oneway/2way)
  3. Beam design (OR,UR,SR,DR)
  4. Column design (Axial,Uniaxial,Biaxial)
  5. Iso,combined,mat,raft,strip,pile,pilecap foundation design


B) Steel Manual xl sheet design of Warehouse with 5ton EOT crane:-

  1. Deck plate design.
  2. Beam design
  3. Column design,
  4. Bracing design
  5. Truss design.
  6. Connections design various types.



  1. G+9 Residential building with Response spectrum siesmic Analysis in ETABS software.
  2. STEEL Ware house with 5 ton EOT crane in ETABS software.
  3. Advanced concrete design of g+9 building in RCDC software.
  4. Combined, mat, pile spring footing design in SAFE software.


Pdf codes, notes, manuals,ref.books,installation of softwares all included.